I work at the University of Kent, Canterbury, as Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies, since 2005 following associate lectureships at the universities of Exeter and Aberdeen.

My teaching and research interests are varied and have focused on two broad themes: the tension between art and politics with particular attention to the Cuban Revolution, and religious and mystical experience. These areas have at times at times seemed unrelated. As such, whilst I have published books and articles concerning Borges and mysticism, Swedenborg, and the mystical-poetical vision of Cuban poet José Lezama Lima, I have also published and presented on slavery, torture, the War on Terror and the history of Guantánamo. Likewise, whilst directing a research centre at Kent dedicated to the study of myth, with a reading group devoted to the works of Jung and an international conference on the ‘daimonic Other’, I have organised annual public events at the university with journalists, activists and film-makers presenting on Rendition, torture and Gitmo detainees.

I have recently completed a book called Sartre in Cuba: Cuba in Sartre (Palgrave).

In 2015 I published with the Swedenborg Society Imaginal Landscapes, a personal account of exploring the mystical literature of Swedenborg and Borges.

I teach aspects of Latin American cultural history, the prose and poetry of Borges, Cuban literature and film of the revolutionary era.

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